Where will the Spanish ceramic group invest 40 million euros?

The Spanish ceramic group plans to build two new production lines, a logistics centre and a showroom, beginning with a 30 million euro investment in 2020.

Grupo Halcón, a leading Spanish ceramic tile producer, has announced a growth plan that will involve a total investment of at least 40 million euros over the period 2020-2022. The Castellón-based company will invest in two new state-of-the-art production lines (bringing its operational footprint to sixteen lines), a large new logistics centre with covered storage space, and a new showroom.

This first year of the growth plan is expected to see an investment of around 30 million euros.

“Since the company was acquired by Falcon Private Holdings in 2018, we have invested in people, processes, and capabilities in order to further professionalise the business and lay the foundations for more rapid growth. These efforts have already led to increased sales, in turn which support the investment plan we are announcing today,” said Grupo Halcón’s CEO Francois Brendel. Construction of the two new lines will enable the product range to be expanded to include a greater variety of larger and smaller sizes, as well as cutting-edge designs and a variety of polished finishes.

“The plan will simultaneously enhance product quality and customer service in order to further strengthen the group’s value proposition,” continued Brendel. “Finally, the new showroom will proudly display our on-trend designs from leading brands including Halcón Cerámicas and Emotion Ceramics.”

The announcement, made during Cevisama where the group presented 200 new models, confirms the shareholders’ commitment to pursuing further expansion and seeking new growth opportunities. Grupo Halcón employs more than 600 people across four factories and generates approximately 150 million euros of revenue. The majority of its sales consist of exports to over 100 countries while Spain remains its largest single market. As of 2018, the group’s majority shareholder is Falcon Private Holdings, the US-based private investment arm of Jamshid Keynejad and Barry Siadat.