What will BMR surprise with in 2020

In the year of Tecnargilla, BMR is focusing on upcoming technological innovations and aiming to strengthen its after-sales service in the world’s major markets.

Innovation, quality and service are the key factors driving BMR’s growth in 2020, a challenging year that needs to be tackled with determination, as Chairman Paolo Sassi confirmed: “Political instability, widespread economic slowdown and trade wars make it difficult to predict what will happen in many international markets. The situation currently appears to be in line with that of 2019, so we are expecting BMR to see a similar performance. However, while two of our main markets, Europe and Brazil, have begun 2020 with a degree of stability, demand dynamics in the Middle East are far less predictable.”

In response to the growing difficulties, the Scandiano-based company is working to guarantee an increasingly strong presence in its various markets, upgrading its technical support service to the same levels as those available to Italian and Spanish customers. At the same time, it is focusing its R&D efforts on technological innovation, a fundamental lever for remaining competitive, “especially in the face of the increasingly aggressive pricing on the part of Chinese competitors”, adds Sassi.

Tecnargilla 2020 will be the ideal opportunity to present the results of these efforts to the general public, and BMR will be displaying new squaring and lapping machines. According to the company, the new lapping technology with its increasing focus on Industry 4.0 processes is expected to set new standards in the ceramic industry.