SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum 2020, the future of ceramics is already here

Digitalization and sustainability will be the core themes of SACMI’s first global live event on 9th and 10th November. Two days of in-depth analysis with the industry’s leading experts, streamed live worldwide

SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum is SACMI’s first global live event dedicated to innovation in the tile sector. This free two-day event – to be held on 9th and 10th November – will focus on sustainability and digitalization in the ceramic industry and unite participants with the industry’s leading experts. The programme will feature round tables, in-depth information and international guests. This Forum inaugurates the resumption of the live on-line SACMI Ceramic Innovation Days series: following on from the first two events in July, it will now, from November until early 2021, provide an in-depth look at all the Group’s latest plant engineering solutions and technologies. These events will illustrate innovations designed for each ceramic plant department, from body preparation to end-of-line, from finished product storage to forming, decoration and firing. Both Forum and Innovation Days therefore offer an exceptional opportunity to get up to speed on key trends and explore the most topical aspects of the ceramic industry, innovation strategies and all the latest from SACMI.

Day 1 of the Forum, 9th November, will kick off with the round table «Re-thinking process flows: how digital can support manufacturing. AI, Digital Twin, Remote FATs & SATs and much more». Digital transformation – from product to value chain, from services to customer experience – represents an extraordinary opportunity, one to be seized with both hands. For example, consider the ‘digital twin‘. This digital representation of the ceramic plant is a valuable plant and process development tool; together with advanced HERE plant management software, it is one of the pillars of the made-by-SACMI Smart Factory.

Digitalization also means overcoming physical distance to allow remote management of complex, strategically important operations such as assembly and start-up, plus the creation of virtual FATs & SATs. Consultancy and assistance, in fact, play a vital role in the SACMI range. Close support from SACMI Customer Service and the SACMI Digital & IT team now allows virtual commissioning as part of an integrated, single-platform approach spanning the entire plant life cycle, from design to after-sales, an approach strengthened by the presence of SACMI’s Global Network.

On 10th November, instead, SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum will focus on Sustainability, opening with the round table «The Green Ceramic Factory. The importance of green technology in reducing emissions and consumption, new renewable sources and eco-sustainable products».

Extending the concept of sustainability beyond actual production to encompass the life cycle of the machine, the raw materials and the product constitutes the second big challenge for global manufacturing. The ceramic industry has a major role to play in this change, and is guiding it via an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) approach, an already-topical issue that is set to go global. This is what the round table guests – Architect Massimo Iosa Ghini and Prof. Maria Chiara Bignozzi of the University of Bologna, who have always been closely involved in the development and application of ceramic products – will be discussing. Following this round table, SACMI-Eurofilter will showcase its complete systems range for improving environmental performance at every level: air, water, fumes and dust. Such systems make integrated factory management both practical and economically advantageous for the customer, maximising control and, therefore, production efficiency.

Another highlight of this second Forum day will be the new SACMI Energy Division, which provides all-round ceramic plant consultancy services. Case studies will illustrate energy efficiency and revamping projects that have been successfully completed in the factories of leading players.

Moderated by digital communication expert and strategist Phil Taylor, the two days will be streamed worldwide in six languages, breaking down the barriers of distance.

Connected users will become active participants and ‘opinion makers’ by sharing their ideas and viewpoints via surveys and the Voting App, thus providing a sound basis on which to build the SACMI Ceramic Innovation Days programme.

We’ve launched the SACMI Ceramic Innovation Forum and SACMI Ceramic Innovation Days to send a clear message to customers around the world: SACMI is there for them, and is continuing with non-stop innovation of its range. The difficulty of reaching our overseas customers in person and the cancellation of major fairs such as Tecnargilla 2020 have accelerated our efforts to digitalize across all sectors: not just in services but also in communication and human resource management”, states Paolo Mongardi, President of SACMI

Our challenge will be to generate that same buzz – or even a bigger one – you get at a physical event. Participants will enjoy an interactive experience, be able to explore a virtual ceramic plant and interact with other participants, thus playing an active role in the event.” observes Matteo Federici, General Manager of the Tiles Business Unit.

The entire programme focuses on the customer: we’ll be setting aside plenty of space for their presentations and I wish to thank all those who responded enthusiastically to our invitation.

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