Grupo Halcón announces investments of 35 million euros

In the two-year period 2020-2021, the Spanish ceramic group will install a new production line and build a logistics centre and two new showrooms.

Halcón, one of the most important Spanish ceramic groups, has confirmed the investment projects for the two-year period 2020-2021 announced last February shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic. These three projects are considered strategic for the group’s growth and will involve a total investment of 35 million euros.

A new 4 million sqm/year production line will be installed at the group’s facility in Alcora (Castellón) and will expand the product range to include a greater variety of sizes and polished finishes. The new line will increase the group’s operational footprint to fifteen lines, while another is expected to be added in 2022.

The second project aims to optimise logistic services with the creation of a new 160,000 square metre facility in Onda devoted to storage and distribution activities. It will include designated areas for covered storage and preparation of shipments, including a capability for picking small quantities.

Finally, two modern new showrooms with a total surface area of 1,400 square metres will be built at the facility in Alcora and will display the latest designs from the Emotion and Halcón brands.

Francois Brendel, CEO of Grupo Halcón, noted that the three projects “will strengthen the Group’s value proposition in the marketplace by enhancing product quality and customer service”.

Grupo Halcón employs more than 600 people in four factories and generates revenues of approximately 150 million euros from domestic sales and exports to over 100 countries. Since 2018, the group’s majority shareholder has been Falcon Private Holdings, the US-based private investment arm of Jamshid Keynejad and Barry Siadat.