Ceramica Piemme invests in cogeneration

Sacmi has installed a complete system for recovering heat from the fumes emitted by the turbine.

Ceramiche Piemme, a historic Italian tile brand, has commissioned Sacmi to build a complete plant for the recovery of heat produced by the turbine. This medium-large size turbine (installed power 4.5 MW) fully meets the electricity requirements of the factory located in Solignano (Modena).

The installed system is designed to handle 53,000 Nm3/hour of fumes at 500°C. The fumes are channelled into a large duct with a length of almost 140 metres and a diameter of 1,700 mm, then fed to the two spray dryers (ATM 036 and ATM 065, also from Sacmi), thereby reducing the factory’s gas requirements by 6.7 million cubic metres per year (equivalent to 13.2 tons less CO2 released into the atmosphere).

The project at Piemme was carried out with the aid of the latest generation software, programs for simulation and control of thermo-fluid dynamics inside the duct and systems for guaranteeing the stability of the structure in accordance with seismic standards.

Carried out in February, the installation will give Piemme a practical tool to tackle the issue of sustainable production and the recovery of waste heat, aspects that are particularly important as the industry reopens following lockdown.

These interventions can also be carried out using predictive programs where the energy requirements of the spray dryers or any other machine are predicted in advance.

With this plant solution, Sacmi demonstrates its ability to act as a leading partner in the design of complex cogeneration projects, carrying through every stage of the project and providing certifications and guarantees for the end result.

Source: https://www.ceramicworldweb.it/cww-en/news/tiles/ceramica-piemme-invests-in-cogeneration/