Carthago Ceramic starts up new plant

The plant in Jebel Oust began operating last December and is equipped with LB raw material preparation technology

The new Carthago Ceramic (Poulina Group) plant in Djebel Oust, a few kilometres south of Tunis, began operation last December. In this first phase of the project, the plant has a production capacity of 16,000 sqm/day of red-body single-fired tiles in 50×50 cm and 60×60 cm sizes. The plant is fully automated thanks to the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies and also stands out for its low environmental impact in terms of energy consumption and atmospheric CO2 emissions.

The Tunisian ceramic company has adopted LB’s Migratech technology for the dry preparation of ceramic bodies. The raw materials are milled using an MRV vertical roller mill, after which microgranulation is performed by the GRC continuous cycle granulator followed by the fluid bed dryer.

LB also supplied the raw material preparation and batching plant, the microgranulate storage silo feeding system and the transport system from the silos to the tile forming presses.